Cultural Exchange between East and West——German Sister School’s Visit to Wusong High School

In this golden autumn of October, the beautiful Wusong campus gave the most sincere welcome to our dear guests, 31 students and 3 teachers coming all the way from Karlsruhe, Germany.


When the bus arrived at the campus on October 26th, members of the German visiting group received enthusiastic embraces from students of Wusong High School and their parents waiting for them on both sides of the entrance.

Within one week, following Chinese families, German high school students paid a visit to the symbolic scenic spots in Shanghai: the Bund, the City God Temple, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, and so on. By visiting different sorts of museums and art centers, participating in family reunions, making dumplings, picnicking, and going on an excursion, German students deeply experienced the extensive and profound Chinese culture.

School activities featured a combination of tradition and fun. Under the guidance, German students learned calligraphy and finished works of ancient Chinese characters, experienced Chinese martial arts, created innovative dough modeling by the use of traditional Chinese handicraft. After class, together with their Chinese peers, they took part in interesting physical activities, learned the procedure of making models, and competed in water football games. During the get-together party, both Chinese and German students presented excellent performances, which brought the exchange activity to the climax.

On the morning of November 2nd, students said farewell to each other with tear in their eyes and looked forward to the day when they could meet again. Recalling the colorful week that has already passed, every one of the students and teachers regard it as a memorable and fruitful experience, for the cultural interaction elevates the friendship between students and teachers from different countries to a new high.

May friendship last forever!

东西文化  往来相将