At the invitation of Wusong High School, a group of students and teachers from his sister school, Gymnasium Neureut, one of the most prestigious high schools in Germany started their one-week exchange program on October 27th, 2017. 微信图片_20171105183256_副本.jpg

German students, along with their Chinese peers shared several days of daily life in their home-stay families, experiencing brand different eastern culture. In the meantime, rich and colorful activities were warmly provided by Wusong High School, which were warmly welcomed by the distinguished guests, such as a variety of sports games, get-together parties, well-known tourist attractions in Shanghai, some art and music lessons from Wusong teachers and so on.微信图片_20171105183305_副本.jpg


The exchange program, which benefits students from both sides, achieves a huge success. Students receive a precious chance to deepen their understanding about different cultures. By communicating with each other, they are able to experience different ways of thinking too. Importantly, the cross-cultural interaction brings students into contact with a new concept--“cultural diversity”, which can be regarded as one of the most significant elements as well as growing tendencies in the modern era.微信图片_20171105183332_副本.jpg


The 21st century needs talented youngsters who boast a global outlook. 1_副本.jpgThe program, which corresponds with the core value of the era, assists Wusong students in experiencing the importance of diversity, and leads Wusong High School on the way to the stage of international communication.



                                              (撰稿:陈哲一   编辑:李菁 摄影:施小龙)